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Filtering by Category: Fashion

PROJEKT SAMSEN - 3D-Printed Sunglasses

Alex Rückheim

In praise of innovation, technology and timeless aesthetics, the recently launched brand, PROJEKT SAMSEN, has introduced a stunning collection of 3D-printed sunglasses. The young Berlin-based label has developed a way to 3D print their Nylon-based mono-frames in one single yet highly stable and flexible piece. Their frames are the result of conscious and creative reinterpretation: Here, the interaction between the human and this everyday object is paramount in their well-grounded and elaborate design approach. Especially with the proliferation of 3D design and its increased recognition from both brands and consumers, we believe that PROJEKT SAMSEN is on a good way to potentially make their mark in the product design landscape. Price €180.

NIC NITSCHE - Fashion Editorial with Davina

Casey Fuchs

We love supporting young and upcoming brands but have decided to take it a step further by giving young and upcoming talents like photographer Nic Nitsche from Berlin a platform to present his work. This is our second editorial, this time with this beautiful girl, Davina.
We hope you enjoy these shots as much as we do. Our thanks go out to Fake PR for supporting us with amazing clothes.

ASKET - Re-thinking T-shirt Sizing

Casey Fuchs

A while ago my partner Alex has written a post about ASKET, a Swedish brand which has managed to create the perfect T-shirt. What makes ASKET different from other brands is that they have expanded on the traditional sizing system to offer a product that fits all men at a fair price. All T-Shirts are made in a small, family-owned factory in Portugal, enabling the founders Jakob Dworsky and August Bringeus to have full insight into the factory's labor conditions. Another upside of their European production facility is the outstanding quality of their T-Shirts. Besides offering the usual S, M, L, XL sizes, they give customers the option to chose a suitable length also. I can only recommend purchasing your next basic on their website. The future is all about transparency and brands that make sure the people who are involved in producing the final product are looked after and work under fair labor conditions. You won't regret it.

Nic Nitsche - Editorial with Shanice Corbeille

Casey Fuchs

This is our first editorial for GOODS WE LIKE shot by Nic Nitsche. Our thanks also go out to Berlin-based Agency FAKE PR for providing us with these amazing pieces by Barbour Lifestyle, Denham, RAEY and Chinti & Parker. Stay tuned for more exclusive shoots in the future.

Ratio Knit Dress by Barbour x Range Rover
Twirl Marl Dress by Denham Blazer and Longline Wool Shirt by RAEY
Horizontal Rib Sweater by Chinti & Parker, Flare-Leg Jeans by RAEY
Coat by RAEY

Photographer: Nic Nitsche
Hair & Make-Up: Anna Luft
Model: Shanice Corbeille

GANTLIGHTS - Concrete Gold Necklace

Alex Rückheim

Gantlights was founded by Stefan Gant in 2012 with the ambition to create simple yet beautiful lamps made from concrete. Drawing from his minimal aesthetic, Gant’s architectural influences and playful mix of experimental forms and materials now translated into a minimalistic necklace [P1], which is cast from grey concrete while its top is gilded with 24 carat gold. The handmade necklace nicely juxtaposes and contrasts “noble gold with rough concrete into a timeless designer piece of jewellery.” Size: 1,2 x 1,2 x 5cm; Weight: 15g; Chain: 75cm; Price: €99.

Photographed by Ali Baï and Gladys Fabie for GOODS WE LIKE

HORIZN STUDIOS - Berlin-made Bags

Casey Fuchs

Horizn Studios is a Berlin based collective of true travel lovers. Their Berlin-made bags combine timeless aesthetics with technology and smart services. Every bag comes with a charger for your smartphone or other electronic devices, as well as access to the Horizn Studios Personal Travel Assistant, which provides travellers with insider information about the place they're travelling to. No matter if you want to join a Yoga course in Mexico or need to change your ticket - their travel assistant team will take care of you and your personal needs. They achieve this without compromising the quality of their products. We love the future forward approach to fashion and can't wait to see more designs to be released in October 2015. Until then, make sure to check out their website for more information.


Alex Rückheim

Christian Metzner

Christian Metzner has studied architecture and product design in Potsdam, and founded his own label in 2006. 2012 sees his diploma thesis in cooperation with the bag company Bree, shortly thereafter following Philipp Bree into his team of designers of his new bag brand PB0110. Always in search of perfect proportions and manual precision, his work oscillates between laboratory aesthetics, progressive design and antiquated elegance.
The BJM Bracelet is a series of meticulously handmade bangles that combine traditional craftsmanship with a new take on porcelain and glass. Their minimalist design and austerity provokes comparison with antique Roman ornaments, while asserting their modern sculptural qualities. Weight, surface structure and the optical impression of solidity and strength counteract the fragility of the materials, a contradiction that holds its own particular appeal. Available in glazed white porcelain, or in borosilicate glass (silver, gold, bronze or transparent).


Alex Rückheim

Our Legacy

Stockholm based label Our Legacy sees itself as a ’product’ rather than a seasonal fashion house. “A ’product’ tends to use other layers to express itself and so on ... such products don’t really need to incorporate the seasonal trend and are often timeless“, explains co-founder Cristopher Nying.

Our Legacy’s ‘Void’ sunglasses in Clear have a modern, rounded silhouette and are handcrafted in Portugal from Italian Mazzuchelli acetate. The unisex eyewear further features Carl Zeiss UV400 lenses and anti-scratch coating. Price €180.

HIGHSNOBIETY x SIMON&ME - Copper Bracelet Collection

Alex Rückheim

For the second time, Highsnobiety and Berlin based lifestyle brand SIMON&ME team up to release a copper bracelet collection inspired by the brand’s original signature bracelet. Handcrafted by a German blacksmith from 100% untreated copper, the bracelet is offered in three different sizes: available in either 3mm x 2mm ($110), 5mm x 2.5mm ($120) or 7mm x 3mm ($135), the small and large sizes are both polished, while the mid-size band has been given a matt brushed finish. Depending on the way and frequency the bracelet is worn its patina will uniquely change over time. Each size is limited to 50 pieces only. Launch June 25th, exclusively at Highsnobiety.