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MARYSE – Plant-based Skincare from Auckland

Alex Rückheim

MARYSE Beauty Skincare
MARYSE Beauty Skincare
MARYSE Beauty Skincare
MARYSE Beauty Skincare
MARYSE Beauty Skincare

MARYSE is a collection of considered, plant-based skincare preparations formulated by natural beauty specialist, Maryse O’Donnell. Drawing from natural and organic ingredients – including macadamia, avocado and kiwi seed oils amongst others – the brand’s naturally potent formulas are handmade in its studio in Auckland, New Zealand.

Each blend – from her Bio-Nutrient Face Oil and Bio-Boost to the Multi-Vitamin Body Oil and Enzyme Refine Cleansing Balm – delivers a refined combination of phytonutrients to not only optimise and encourage a beautiful and healthy skin but also to revitalise every complexion through its omega fatty acids, mineral, vitamins and anioxidants; without unwanted chemical additives.

Two of our hero products are the brand’s Bio-Nutrient Face Oil and Mineral Dew. A blend of nutrient-rich botanicals including kiwi and camellia seeds, the Bio-Nutrient Face Oil helps the skin maintain optimum hydration while delivering powerful, antioxidant (e.g. Vitamin E) properties. Unlike other face oils, MARYS’s formula is non-greasy and readily-absorbing. Drawing from broccoli and grape seeds, its silky Mineral Dew delivers a fresh finish. Infused with organic ingredients, the dew is a nice skin-enhancing formula for a post-facial glow.

MARYS’s botanical skincare collection currently includes eight products – all of which are prepared in small batches.

HORACE – The New Way of Grooming

Alex Rückheim

Horace - Brand Introduction
Mint-flavoured Whitening Toothpaste by Marvis -  LEARN MORE

Mint-flavoured Whitening Toothpaste by Marvis - LEARN MORE

Safety Razor Set by Mühle -  LEARN MORE

Safety Razor Set by Mühle - LEARN MORE

Natural Shave Kit -  LEARN MORE

Natural Shave Kit - LEARN MORE

Hand-picked Selection by Horace -  LEARN MORE

Hand-picked Selection by Horace - LEARN MORE

Over the past few months, Paris has increasingly become a place of exciting encounters for us. During our last trip to Paris, we had the chance to sit down with Thomas Cerkevic and Jonathan Andrès, founders of premium leather goods brand RSVP. Our latest discovery is Horace – a new grooming and lifestyle destination that develops and offers daily essentials for today’s men.

“We’ve seen that to men, buying grooming products is an unpleasant experience,” says Horace co-founder Marc Briant-Terlet. “We develop and find the best products and make sure men are fully informed to make their decision.”

Horace carries a well-curated and well-considered selection of items, with products covering the entire grooming spectrum, from safety razors and shaving creams to hair treatmentscleansing gels and body moisturisers. Alongside some of the industry’s most trusted men’s grooming brands like Dr. Bonner, Baxter of California, Murdock London, Ren and Mühle, Horace also offers its own line of high quality care products, which currently includes flavoured toothpicks, a Binchotan toothbrush and a natural exfoliating face puff.

But Horace goes beyond just offering quality grooming products and a hassle-free service – Horace lets you order via messenger, offers re-order alerts and delivers within three hours in Paris.

The brand is adding a great layer to its experience. Its magazine and how-to guides are absolutely on point; they’re nicely written with the right advice, the right amount of humour, personal touch and insight. Our favourite articles include ‘How to rebalance your dry skin’ (how to) and ‘Why it’s time to shave it off’ (editorial). Go and see for yourself – the guys are doing great work.

SAKHI – Organic Skincare Made from Nigella Oil

Alex Rückheim


SAKHI is a new skincare brand from Copenhagen that formulates natural skin and hair remedies based on organic Nigella oil. Copenhagen based, and of Afghan-Persian origins, founder Farah Sakhi created a brand that fuses a contemporary Scandinavian approach to pure skincare with timeless Eastern traditions of healing and well-being derived from the bioactive Nigella Superseed. Beautifully conceptualised, Sakhi’s clean design and packaging only reinforce the brand’s philosophy. 

So what is it that makes Nigella oil a naturally efficacious skin remedy? First and foremost, Nigella oil is the pure, concentrated extract of the Nigella Sativa Superseed found in parts of North Africa, Southwest Asia and Southern Europe. The oil carries more than 100 chemical compounds and essential acids as well as proteins, minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C. It is this unique combination of potent micronutrients that gives it its extraordinary anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. 

Tried and tested, we are huge fans of Sakhi’s Face Oil – a unique blend of 11 carefully selected organic plant oils, ideal for all ages and skin types. Besides Sakhi’s signature pure, cold-pressed Nigella oil, this remedy is supercharged with nourishing fatty acids omega 3 and 6, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. As your daily dose of nourishing protection, it is both preventive and healing. Despite its richness, you’ll find it an easily absorbed, ‘dry’ blend formulated to provide moisture without that greasy feeling.