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Filtering by Tag: #sunglasses

B L Y S Z A K - Premium Eyewear

Alex Rückheim

At CIFF RAVEN, an artfully curated trade show in Copenhagen showcasing contemporary menswear and lifestyle goods, we came across these beautifully crafted, minimalistic sunglasses by BLYSZAK.

The young, London-based eyewear brand was founded in 2014, and has launched its first collection comprising three variations on one style: metal, metal/horn and horn. The interesting thing about BLYSZAK is that it offers a single eyewear design that mixes coated grade-A steel, ethically-sourced Asiatic water buffalo and Nigerian oxen horn by-product. Metal – Style I – Collection I features a matte black, palladium-coated grade-A steel frame, and black UV-filtered lenses. For Him and for Her. Made in the UK. Price £210.

PROJEKT SAMSEN - 3D-Printed Sunglasses

Alex Rückheim

In praise of innovation, technology and timeless aesthetics, the recently launched brand, PROJEKT SAMSEN, has introduced a stunning collection of 3D-printed sunglasses. The young Berlin-based label has developed a way to 3D print their Nylon-based mono-frames in one single yet highly stable and flexible piece. Their frames are the result of conscious and creative reinterpretation: Here, the interaction between the human and this everyday object is paramount in their well-grounded and elaborate design approach. Especially with the proliferation of 3D design and its increased recognition from both brands and consumers, we believe that PROJEKT SAMSEN is on a good way to potentially make their mark in the product design landscape. Price €180.


Alex Rückheim

Our Legacy

Stockholm based label Our Legacy sees itself as a ’product’ rather than a seasonal fashion house. “A ’product’ tends to use other layers to express itself and so on ... such products don’t really need to incorporate the seasonal trend and are often timeless“, explains co-founder Cristopher Nying.

Our Legacy’s ‘Void’ sunglasses in Clear have a modern, rounded silhouette and are handcrafted in Portugal from Italian Mazzuchelli acetate. The unisex eyewear further features Carl Zeiss UV400 lenses and anti-scratch coating. Price €180.