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SPITSBERG - Floating Light

Casey Fuchs


Spitsberg is a product design studio based in Amsterdam, founded by Jeroen van Leur and Thijmen van der Steen. They aim to discover how to make our surroundings lighter, in all senses of the word. 

'We venture to discover how to make our surroundings lighter, in all senses of the word. To build a place that is not about abundance, but about clarity and simplicity, a luxury we embrace.'

These delicate lights create an intimate atmosphere and can be used in dining- and bedroom alike. The misty screen of thin fabric stretched around a ash wooden ring captures the light and spreads it out in a soft tone. The light is designed and made by hand with great care, and affection for refined details.

PUNKT. - The AC 01

Alex Rückheim

Punkt. Alarm Clock

Punkt. rightly points out that the more tech we take into the bedroom, the less we end up switching off. Why have your phone next to your pillow, if you can entrust your sleeping hours to a design object that – with four easy operations – is as simple as it is intuitive.

'I founded Punkt. to offer a viable alternative to those feeling overwhelmed by the advanced technologies that have pervaded modern lifestyles. Punkt. is about using technology to help us adopt good habits for less distracted lives.'
- Petter Neby

With its headquarters in Switzerland, Punkt. designs to rebalance our relationships with technology. Appointing renowned British industrial designer Jasper Morrison to art direct the company, Punkt. offers timeless products that are built to last, combining intelligent technology with clean lines and essential design. Price £115.

Photographed by Ali Baï for GOODS WE LIKE

PROJEKT SAMSEN - 3D-Printed Sunglasses

Alex Rückheim

In praise of innovation, technology and timeless aesthetics, the recently launched brand, PROJEKT SAMSEN, has introduced a stunning collection of 3D-printed sunglasses. The young Berlin-based label has developed a way to 3D print their Nylon-based mono-frames in one single yet highly stable and flexible piece. Their frames are the result of conscious and creative reinterpretation: Here, the interaction between the human and this everyday object is paramount in their well-grounded and elaborate design approach. Especially with the proliferation of 3D design and its increased recognition from both brands and consumers, we believe that PROJEKT SAMSEN is on a good way to potentially make their mark in the product design landscape. Price €180.