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CEREAL - The City Guides

Alex Rückheim

Our friends from Cereal expanded their publication to include the Cereal City Guides - a beautifully curated collection of guidebooks, featuring New York, London and the “City of Lights”, Paris. Their decision to launch a series of physical guidebooks feels all too natural to us: Cereal magazine – their stunning flagship publication – is a biannual style and travel magazine. Founded by Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton in 2012, the publication is divided into city-specific chapters, with each section comprising stories in places, people and products. 

What makes these city guides so beautiful is not only their clean aesthetic, refined tone-of-voice or striking photography, but the fact that Rosa and Rich have researched, visited, photographed, edited and designed all of the content themselves. In this way, these guidebooks are a reflection of their very personal choices in hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and places to see.

'If the food is top notch, so too is the space that accompanies it. You’ll soon notice that our version of the perfect trip is woven in with an understated flair and a penchant for grand landscapes – both natural and manmade.'

Each guide features a tightly edited and discerning selection of their favourite places, alongside a stunning photo essay of the city and personal essays of some truly inspiring people who call these cities their home. Most importantly, the guides are created to befit Cereal’s readers and modern travellers alike: What you will not find is a list of 30+ different restaurants to choose from, but those 5 or 6 carefully selected recommendations that Rosa and Rich believe to be unique, interesting and enjoyable. 24 select venues on 128 pages. Printed in full colour on uncoated paper. £8.

KINFOLK - Vol. 16 'The Essentials Issue'

Alex Rückheim

Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk’s sixteenth issue, The Essentials Issue, explores the different meanings of life’s fundamentals, the things that bring us back to our cores, and shows how we can implement them into our daily lives.

'Instead of determining how little we can live with, it’s about working out what we cannot live without.'

In my opinion, the excerpts taken from Peter Block’s book Community: The Structure of Belonging (pp. 49-59) is one of the most compelling and relevant articles of this issue. Moving away from the tangible concept of belonging, it discusses the ‘esoteric’ side of belongingness: a deap-seated desire we have to belong to something larger than ourselves, suggesting ways in which we can create a stronger sense of togetherness by fostering genuine support through our communities. 160 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full colour on uncoated paper. Printed in Canada. 

Photographed by Ali Baï for GOODS WE LIKE




C-HEADS - Vol. 33 'Summer. Lovers and Strangers'

Alex Rückheim

C-Heads Magazine

Founded in 2006 by Guggenberger sisters Christine and Sigrun, independent Vienna/ Berlin based magazine C-HEADS gives us a snapshot of youth culture, bringing together the full creative range out of photography, fashion, music, travel, sex, art and culture. Made by women.

'Summer. Lovers and strangers. We might always remain strangers. But this summer we just want to be lovers.'

C-HEADS Magazine Issue #33 is dedicated to summer, to love, to lovers and strangers; the love for yourself, for someone else, or for any other little thing that exists. We can gain it but we can never possess it. Once again, the C-HEADS team put great value on beautiful, aesthetic photography, strong emotions and great narrative. Limited to 1200 copies.

Photographed by Ali Baï for GOODS WE LIKE