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Filtering by Category: Art

SABINE MARCELIS - Voie Light Series

Alex Rückheim

SABINE MARCELIS - Voie Light Series
SABINE MARCELIS - Voie Light Series
SABINE MARCELIS - Voie Light Series

Light. Neon. Circles – the ‘Voie’ series by Dutch lighting and product designer Sabine Marcelis is a collection of lighting born out of the curiosity to manipulate the path of light. Playing with resin allowed her to manipulate the line of light in different ways, creating a stronger diffusion or dimming effect, she explains.

‘My pieces are functionally decorative in the end and demand an interaction with the space and user.’

The trained industrial designer has artfully carved her own niche. Her objects are functionally decorative and demand an interaction with both the space and user.

KRISTINA KROGH - Limited Edition Art Prints

Casey Fuchs

A few weeks ago i was introduced to Kristina Krogh's limited edition art prints and liked them immediately. The geometric shapes, colors and textures convinced me. Especially the photography is outstanding and a great fit for Goods We Like.

Her inspiration comes from places and objects that surrounds her; a beautiful old parquet, a marble floor in a church, stained glass windows, a bike ride through the streets of Copenhagen – among many other things.  

You should definitely get your hand on one of these prints and check out more unique design on her website.

SIMON FREUND - Shopping Bag Installation

Alex Rückheim

Known for his work in the field of consumable goods, the latest work of the conceptual German artist Simon Freund features a series of ‘Shopping Bag’ chairs. Utilising the basic black frame structure of ‘The Metal Chair’ – item 018 launched as part of his ongoing series of objects – Simon drapes various shopping bags over the seat and backrest, from names including the likes of Primark, Acne Studios, COS and Supreme. On describing his latest work, Simon states that his vision stems from the desire to showcase his understanding of contemporary consumerism in a way that is accessible to the masses.

'Each object is a reflection of Simon Freund’s personal understanding of the relationship between design and functionality, the concept of value and contemporary consumerism.'

ELINOR PORTNOY - Hand-Blown Glass Juicers

Alex Rückheim

Elinor Portnoy

Questioning the way we perceive function and form today, where generic appliances can be as much functional tools as they are design objects, MA candidate at the Royal College of Art in Ceramics and Glass, Elinor Portnoy, designed these beautifully crafted, hand-blown glass juicers. Currently based in London, the industrial designer explores and plays with the potential of combining craft and materials with design.

AMIT GREENBERG - 'This is a Happy Thought'

Alex Rückheim

Multidisciplinary artist Amit Greenberg is currently showcasing his first ever solo exhibition titled “This Is A Happy Thought“ at Colette in Paris. The acclaimed original thinker intriguingly interlinks his interpersonal exchanges, dialogues, and perspectives in his approach to art-making. “As an artist he is tireless, diverse and inventive […]” His work is creatively playful exploring and weaving together themes such as spirituality, sexuality, and mortality. Further, Greenberg’s narratives embody a “mix of philosophy, humor, facts and subconscious thoughts”, as the artist explains. By creating this somewhat comical world, viewers find themselves lost in an imaginative, multi-dimensional setting. April 20 – May 30, 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris.

TOO ALIKE - Celebrating Gender Equality

Alex Rückheim

too alike is a self-initiated art project by Berlin based creatives Simon Freund, also known as founder of SIMON&ME and LOCAL, and Britta Reineke. In their collage-like photo installations, Simon and Britta self-portrait themselves in the same outfit. Here, it’s not just a matter of wearing similar or identical clothes but, in fact, they change one and the same outfit between the shoots. The project aims at expressing and celebrating gender equality.

ONEHUNDREDFORTY - Turning Words Into Art

Alex Rückheim

'Onehundredforty is a revolutionary art experiment that turns your chosen tweet into a unique and beautiful print. Using meticulous design and smart programming we put you in the centre of the final art piece - all through a single tweet of your choosing. The aim with our prints is to enable unique ideas, dreams, hopes or memories to shine through. While looking splendid of course. No numbered series, no repeats - only originals.'