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INSTRMNT - a Minimalist Steel Watch

Alex Rückheim

Instrmnt - Minimalist Steel Watch
Instrmnt - Minimalist Steel Watch
Instrmnt - Minimalist Steel Watch
Instrmnt - Minimalist Steel Watch

Introducing Glasgow-based design studio Instrmnt. Founded by Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham, the focus of the young multi-disciplinary team lies in creating considered, user-led products for every-day use.

We took a closer look at the studio’s debut product range – Instrmnt 01, a minimalist steel watch that takes inspiration from the industrial design of the mid 20th century. With a strong interest in the functional, utilitarian products and tools produced during that time period, you will find design cues ranging from the simple, readable dials and analog ammeters and voltmeters to the revolutionary minimalism of Dieter Rams.

We thought, we're designers, we love watches, why don't we make the watch that we want to wear? Why don’t we make the watch that is perfect for us?

The layout of Instrmnt 01 has quickly become an iconic part of the brand. And one of the beauties when receiving the watch lies in that it ships unassembled with tools provided for you to assemble the watch yourself. Another key principle lies in the use of high quality materials alongside trusted, proven technology. Instrmnt 01 comes in four different colourways (01-A, 01-B, 01-C, 01-D) and features a Swiss Quartz Ronda 585 3H movement, a calf leather strap crafted by one of the last remaining leather strap manufacturers located in the Bavarian Forest, and recyclable packaging manufactured in the UK.

The watch comes 'exploded' so you get pins, the casing, strap parts and a tool, which are nicely laid out. It's like an instrument that you put together.

Since its launch in 2014 further products have followed, including a 2-speed city bike built in collaboration with Freddie Grubb and an initial foray into furniture design with the creation of a multi-purpose day bed which was designed in collaboration with Edinburgh-based craftsman and furniture maker Namon Gaston.

Ultimately, what you will be wearing around your wrist is a beautiful watch that has been designed with consideration and precision – a watch that pairs high quality components with simple, utilitarian design. “We want to know the time and the date. That’s it.”