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STACK - Inkjet Printer by Mugi Yamamoto

Alex Rückheim


Stack – a truly innovative inkjet printer designed by product designer and ECAL alumnus Mugi Yamamoto. The printer is reduced down to the central function of a device of this sort – the actual printing. With traditional printers, the largest component is the paper compartment. Stack does without it altogether. 

The printer is placed directly on the stack of paper that is to be printed. During printing, the individual sheets are pulled in from below and ejected again at the top of the device. Stack thus works its way, so to speak, through the pile of paper until the paper runs out. As a result of this approach, the printer has a highly compact, simple and appealing design. 

Essential conditions for the creation of the device were a careful choice of components and the development of a special infeed mechanism. Stack is designed to meet the needs of people who work in a mobile manner or in a confined space, and have problems with the bulky form of ordinary printers.

Stack has been awarded with the Design Prize Switzerland 2016 in the category 'Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talents'.