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VOLUME - Artisan Donkey Milk Soaps

Alex Rückheim

Volume France - Artisan Soaps Made from Donkey Milk
Volume France - Artisan Soaps Made from Donkey Milk
Volume France - Artisan Soaps Made from Donkey Milk
Volume France - Artisan Soaps Made from Donkey Milk

Situated on the heights of Ampuis, amidst the quiet hills of the regional park of Pilat and the wine heritage Côte Rôtie, Volume France produces artisan soaps from donkey milk. The soaps are handmade and produced in limited numbers, with batches often being of no more than twenty soaps. Based on the idea of natural cohabitation and committed to combining quality raw materials and local expertise, Volume France was founded by Laetitia Crevier.

VOLUME is simply the pleasure to use soaps made from the milk produces by the donkeys that I raise at Ampuis.

The team. Laetitia and her donkeys – an unexpected biodiversity and cohabitation between Bourbonnais and Sardinian donkeys – raised and milked by hand at Asinerie des Hauteurs. But what is it that makes donkey milk so precious? Enhanced by its biochemical composition, donkey milk is first and foremost used in the medical, nutritional and dermatological areas. And it’s composition of essential, anti-inflammatory acids (Omega 6,3), antiseptic enzymes (Lysozyme) as well as antioxidant vitamins and minerals (Retinol) make it indispensable for the human health.

The soaps are made using cold saponification, an environmentally friendly craft process that not only allows Laetitia to formulate an individual and harmonious blend, but also to preserve the quality of the ingredients. Once removed from the molds – one by one – the fifteen to twenty soaps per batch are stamped and numbered.

The story of Volume France is one of passion, dedication and meticulous attention to craft and honest produce.