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LIQUID SPACES – Installations and Spatial Experiences

Alex Rückheim

Liquid Spaces - gestalten
Liquid Spaces - gestalten
Liquid Spaces - gestalten
Liquid Spaces - gestalten

Liquid Spaces is one or favourite books among Gestalten’s publications for this season. Edited by Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann and Robert Klanten, Liquid Spaces explores the impact of spatial and tangible experiences on human perception and the notion of lasting, sensual encounters. 

This discourse is becoming increasingly important as – in today’s hyper digitalised age – unforgettable experiences lay the foundation of a meaningful dialogue and relationship between artist and audience, museum and visitor or brand and consumer. 

“Surprising materials, colors, shapes, and surfaces provide the props, which alongside innovative smells, sounds, and lighting concepts come together in expansive, stage-like gestures with sculptural details.” 

Divided into four different sections – Geometric Spaces, Ephemeral Spaces, Theatrical Spaces and Immersive Spaces – the book intriguingly showcases the many different ways in which galleries, museums, temporary events, pop-up shops and flagships stores playfully experiment with the idea of crafting an impactful spatial experience. This said, diving into its 256 pages, you’ll find a wide spectrum of unconventional environments and extraordinary spaces created by artists, scenographers, and architects as well as both interior and exhibition designers.

Photographed by Ali Baïlon for GOODS WE LIKE