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VERSO – A Modern Skincare Revolution

Alex Rückheim

Verso Skincare Stockholm
Verso Skincare Product 5
Verso Skincare Travel Series
Verso Skincare

Introducing Verso Skincare. Founded by Lars Fredriksson, the Stockholm based skincare brand has developed a product line-up, which consists of a six-step system formulated with the active ingredient – Retinol 8 – to make your skin appear younger and healthier. Hence, the name Verso: philologically, the word verso stems from Latin and means reverse.

Verso has created a formula that helps the skin cells to mimic the way young cells behave, therefore reducing the signs of aging. This formula is called Retinol 8. It is a complex containing a new Vitamin A derivative that is not only 8 times more effective that traditional Retinol, but also much more gentle for the skin. Arguably, Retinol 8 is clinically proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the skin, reduce pigmentation and supply the skin with more energy and oxygen. Each Verso Skincare product has a unique concentration of Retinol 8.

The Verso Super Eye Serum

Firming and smoothing, Number 5 in Verso’s line-up is a light and refreshing serum designed for the eye area. Formulated with Verso’s patented Retinol 8 complex and specific amino acids, the serum helps to increase the skin’s natural production of collagen and will help diminish eye puffiness, dark circles and lines.

The nice thing about it is that it works. Since the serum is quite rich and in itself moisturising, we suggest applying it over night.