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YSTUDIO - 'The Weight of Words'



YSTUDIO - 'The Weight of Words'

Alex Rückheim

We introduced you to Taiwanese design studio, Ystudio, last year. Today, we are happy to announce that founders Yi and Yanko are expanding their range of simplistic, meticulously crafted stationery objects to include two new pens: The ‘Weight of Words’ collection will see the release of The Classic Sketching Pencil and The Classic Ballpoint Pen. The two new additions are made from brushed brass and will be available from April 1st.

‘The Weight of Words’
Yi and Yanko wish to remind us of the beautiful things that have been forgotten as time goes by. “The meaning of writing to modern people has gradually changed […] Writing has evolved from a way to convey words to a medium to express emotions. ‘Weight’ represents not only a deep emotion, but it also stands for a meaningful commitment: deep, heavy and indelible.” 

Manufactured in scorching heat with temperatures of more than one thousand degrees, Ystudio’s stationery pieces are handcrafted by local masters using traditional manufacturing techniques. Material: Brass. Price €70-90.