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Alex Rückheim

After introducing you to contemporary music label Erased Tapes Records a few months ago, we would like to follow up with one of our favourite artists, and one of the figureheads of the London based label – Nils Frahm. Back in 2015, the German artist – renown for embracing both digital and traditional means of composing music – returned with a piano solo album, intuitively titled Solo. Quite naturally what you would expect from an album like this, it’s lyrical, calm and gentle. Yet, you will dive into pieces such as ‘Wall’ which are more energetic and that quite interestingly break the overall gentle mood. Definitely, another excellent piece of work to listen to. Recorded on a Klavins M370 in Tübingen, Germany. The album is released on Vinyl, CD and Digital.

As a gift to his fans and in an effort to support exciting piano-related projects ‘Solo’ is available for FREE DOWNLOAD in 24-bit and mp3 via

Photographed by Simon Freund for GOODS WE LIKE