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ODACITÉ - Pure Skin Boosters

Alex Rückheim

Odacité Skincare

Odacité’s Pure Elements Collection comprises 18 ultra-targeted skin boosters. The individual serums diversify across six categories, formulated for perfect compatibility and absorption whether your skin is mature, sensitive or devitalised. Singularly strong, a serum’s single drop is a concentrated dose loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which are all essential in skin regeneration, hydration and detoxification.

A few drops added to your daily moisturiser are all it takes to supercharge your skin.

In 2004, Odacité set out to link absolute purity with ultra efficacy. Each ingredient is meticulously hand-selected and serves a purpose in all formulations ensuring the ultimate in antioxidant activity, effectiveness, freshness and potency. All ingredients are chemical-free botanicals that are either organic or wild-crafted in remote natural areas. Odacité is committed to only use fresh, pure and organic bio-active nutrients.

Photographed by Ali Baï and Gladys Fabie for GOODS WE LIKE