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Alex Rückheim

UK based brand Honest is true to the spirit of ‘less is more’. Each of the brand’s products is lovingly crafted by hand, and uses only carefully chosen, 100% pure and natural ingredients. In line with the brand’s philosophy, also its beautifully simple packaging is both biodegradable and reusable. According to founder Katie Fisher, Honest’s values reflect a holistic approach: organic food for the skin, natural with no chemicals, ethical packaging, simple ingredients and true to all.

'It’s taken me 5 years of experimenting and creating formulations to perfect the range I have today. Everything is handmade in small batches and I will continue with this ethos, lovingly crafting in this way so I know exactly what goes into each and every product.'

Ancient Neroli and Smokey Oak are both part of Honest’s series of naturally scented candles with added notes of Orange Blossom + Clary Sage and Ebony + Galbanum respectively. Price £20.

Photographed by Ali Baï and Gladys Fabie for GOODS WE LIKE