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Alex Rückheim

Colors Japonica is a concept by Berlin and Tokyo based atelier AOIRO, specialising in olfactory design. Founded by Japanese scent designer, Shizuko Yoshikuni, and Austrian communication designer, Manuel Kuschnig respectively, their expertise lies in the unique interpretation of concepts, transforming these into individually tailored signature scents for both olfactory products and airdesign. Colors Japonica derives from unique Japanese aesthetics and the discovery of beauty in everyday life. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese colours found in nature, AOIRO reinterpreted these colour associations into three distinctive scent compositions: ‘Yanagi Iro’, colour of the willow leaves; ‘Daidai Iro’, colour of the citrus fruit; and ‘Sora Iro’, colour of the sky.
After distilling and extracting the essences from flowers, woods, citruses and spices, the refined scents are hand-blended in the AOIRO atelier. Equally mindful is the duo’s approach to packaging that epitomises the Japanese philosophy of the art of packaging and gift-giving. Their concept reflects a modern interpretation developed using carefully selected, authentic materials, and traditional techniques of artisanship.
‘Airmist’ is made of the highest and purest quality fragrant materials of botanical essences. The 100% natural scent impressions are designed to create a unique ambience and atmosphere. Images by Ali Baïlon and Gladys Fabie.

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