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ÉRIC CHEVALLIER - The ’Bonnes Nouvelles’ Collection

Alex Rückheim

Eric Chevallier

Éric Chevallier gained notoriety from his hard work and contributions to the infamous concept store Colette in Paris, with whom he still collaborates today. After moving into the scenography and design of both store and brand, he not only worked on the 2008 make-over of the store, but signed off Colette’s new look, launched in 2014. Simplicity, purity and colours – these are the words that Éric Chevallier uses to describe his work.
The latest project sees the “free-spirit of design“ release the ’Bonnes Nouvelles’ collection; a series of ten models based on an experimental symbiosis of a classic straight four-feet chair, and a chair with four angled feet. Each chair is handmande in Burgundy in a certified Living Heritage Company. Both seats and backs are made from orange stained MDF, while the legs are made from metal-plated MDF. Each model is produced in triplicate. Price €400.