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Top 3 Releases of Berlin-based Record Label Stil vor Talent

Alex Rückheim

Stil vor Talent - 1.jpg
Stil vor Talent - 2
Stil vor Talent - 3

We‘d like to introduce Berlin-based record label Stil vor Talent (SVT), founded by renowned producer Oliver Koletzki in 2005. With far over 100 releases in the past 9 years, we‘d like to highlight three of their recent releases: Niconé‘s first solo full-length on Stil vor Talent, ‘Let Love Begin‘ (SVT112), that captivates the listener with a touch of playfulness and his distinct vision of contemporary house; Kellerkind‘s release, ‘Music is a Miracle‘ (SVT115), in which the soulful producer showcases his unique interpretation of house music; and Niko Schwind‘s versatility of elegantly reduced grooves and vocal-melodies on SVT129, ‘Grippin‘ World‘. We‘re excited to follow up with the label‘s future developments and powerful releases. Pictures by Simon Freund.

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